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Introduction to Domain Name and Web Hosting

Domain Name and Web Hosting


One out of every four businesses are working on their online presence these days. Do you have any plans of starting an online business or building an online presence for your business? Or are you planning to get into Digital Marketing Industry? We are sure you must be having some difficulty because of the questions that are automatically generated in your mind hindering your plans to grow digitally. Let’s see if you share the same doubts that we believe you will when you plan to start off…! Do you have these FAQs in mind – How can I make a website? What should be done to create your own website? What are the things do I need for web development and web designing? What is domain and what is web hosting? Are they essential web development? How can I get these? Are they free? If not, what are the charges of domain and web hosting? And how does this all work together to create a website? Are these enough?

We know these questions won’t stop here, instead when answered you will have more questions arising in your mind as you get clearer with each topic. If any, we would request you to submit your doubts below in the comment sections for further discussion.

We, Team Digitality, have scheduled to publish a series of blogs for Web Building, where we would help you understand the basics of Website Development and Website Designing. This will help you to build you own website and also build your online presence in the digital world without spending a penny for the services. We would try our best to answer all your doubts and also would love to blog covering such essential topics that would be essential for web building, website development and web designing in detail and in simplified manner.

What is a Domain?

The first step of website building is to get the right domain name for your website. Every website has a unique address which gives the website a distinct identity. This identity should be unique and easy to remember. Didn’t get it yet?? Let’s make it simpler!! Suppose you have a house in some locality where hundreds of other people have their houses too. Now to locate your house, a person will need to have your specific address with your name on it. Only then will he be able to locate your house. Domain Name works somewhat similar to this. When you have a domain name, it is unique to each website, it is easier to locate your website using the specific domain name. For e.g., if a person writes, the web browser will take that person to our website. A small change in the domain name can get you to some other websites. So, a domain name is an inevitable element that you cannot ignore in web development and web design.

The domain is structured into three different parts. These are hostname (world wide web), website name, and the extension which is also called as TLD (Top-Level Domain). The hostname is the ‘www’ extension that we use in the prefix. The website name is the name of your website that you choose to put as your business identity, provided it is not already taken with the extension. The third part is the extension (TDL), which is ‘.com’, ‘.in’, etc. The extension is the most important part in page ranking which we will discuss about it in another blog. This TLD describes the level of authority of each domain. For e.g., .com, .edu, .org are worldwide and has the highest authority, whereas .in (for India), .uk (for UK), .us (for USA) are country code domain level (ccTDL) and has comparatively lower authority. Some extensions like .xyz have the lowest authority and is not used worldwide as it can be restricted in some countries.

What is Web Hosting?

In simple words, a Web Hosting is a space in the internet where you can place your website. Since website is considered as an entity in the digital world, it would obviously need a space to survive and exist. To provide this space for the website in the internet, the providers sell web hosting. Web Hosting can be considered as a hosting space of a website. Without a hosting, the website’s existence is impossible, as the website will have no place to remain as a host on the internet world. Web Hosting are of various types and even its charges vary accordingly. Web Hosting can be shared or dedicated, that means, either you can share the web hosting with others, provided that the given web hosting has enough space to accommodate the websites or you can get a web hosting which is specifically for your website without any other external interference.

Web Hosting is also available as Cloud Hosting, VPS Hosting, cPanel Web Hosting and many other forms. You will have to first look into the purpose of your website and then accordingly select the web hosting that suits your purpose. For, e.g., if you are planning to handle on one single website, you will have to buy a web hosting which offers less space as per the price you can afford. And likewise, if you are planning to handle more than one website, choose a plan which will be convenient for your purpose. Domain name and Web Hosting are the first and foremost thing that you need before building website. And selecting the right domain name and web hosting is the hardest part, as every other thing depends on it. For assistance and guidance, you are always welcome to Contact Us because Team Digitality is here to help.


The domain name and the web hosting are the two most essential things that you need, while creating and developing a website. These gives your businesses a unique identity and a proof of existence in the digital world without which getting a successful business is next to impossible. This gives a start, or you can say a foundation to build a successful business in the digital era where you can easily compete with the giants of your sector and also have a chance grow limitless and outrun them, provided, you have the quality products and services along with proper digital marketing skills to sell your products/services.

We, as Team Digitality, would love to take this topic further to the next level, by discussing with you and guiding you to find the right place to purchase the Domain Name and Web Hosting services. So, Team Digitality would keep a series of blogs for beginners who are into Digital Marketing or are planning to do so. This would be also helpful for people who wants to grow their businesses and mark their online presence digitally. Keep reading and following our blogs as we add in some more interesting information to help you grow your businesses.

If you want us to blog about any topics, you feel is our niche, please feel free to write to us. Above all, if you have any doubts or need further information about this blog, do let us know. We will instantly get in touch with you or you can directly contact us.


-Team Digitality

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